Monday, November 15, 2010

I Was Blessed By The Muslim Woman..

Last Friday I went to the park after work. When I got to the park entrance, I was desperately looking for banana and groundnut sellers and I couldn’t find any. I was startled to hear some woman call out to me to buy drinks from her. What startled me was her sparkling English and well-toned voice. She could have passed as a veteran broadcaster!! Anyway, I went close trying to find an alternative to bananas, she kept on urging me to buy a drink from her and I shook my head and told her “I no get money oh!”. Immediately, I said that, she reprimanded me in a sharp tone. The same tone a mother would use on an erring child. She said “Don’t say that! You shouldn’t confess negative things with your mouth! The words that come out of our mouths are powerful. Learn to confess good things only!”

I was impressed and could have sworn she was a member of Winners Chapel from the way she sounded! Just to affirm my suspicion, I asked her what church she attends. And  she said “I’m not a Christian, I’m a Muslim”. Her answer jolted me, I was shocked. She went on to tell me how she can never feel defeated regardless of what was going on around her, and how she can never lose hope etc. I can’t quite remember all she said but she sounded so confident in herself that you would think she’d turn to a billionaire the next second.  I looked at this woman, all she had was a cooler of drinks with a total value of not more than a few thousands. I looked at her, she had on a dress that was so tattered with her once-was-white bra peeping out, I looked at her feet, all dried up and dirty and covered with dust, I looked around her, there was nothing to suggest her situation would get better anytime soon.

I looked with my human eye. What can the human eye see? Nothing, compared to what God has planned out. I was really moved by this woman and her passion for life. Here I was feeling sorry for myself, almost feeling hopeless about my situation(s) and I see someone in a much worse situation, a situation I have never been in nor ever been close to being in. And in the midst of all of that, she had a strong hope and positive attitude towards life that was such a huge contrast when compared to her reality. And this is somebody who does not know Jesus. There’s a woman in my office who complains about everything all the time. She earns 100,000 naira. She’s one of those no-make up, no-jewelry, deeper life type of Christians. Yet she drains me with her constant murmuring.

At the end of the day, how important is it if we claim to know Jesus, yet our actions don’t reflect that claim? I was blessed by the Muslim woman….

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