Thursday, November 25, 2010

And The Robbers Came Visiting...

I was gonna talk about the amazing day I had yesterday or continue with my toaters' assessment. However, something hapened today that shook me to my core. And for record purposes, I just have to talk about it and unburden my soul.

I was awoken by my friend's tapping on my shoulder and her calling my name. This was about 3am or so. Immediately I woke up, the first thing she said was "armed robbers" and then I heard a female voice screaming "Armed robbers!!! Please somebody help". She kept on saying it repeatedly with a sharp voice that pierced the quiteness of the night abi na early morning.

See me in action who is usually a deep sleeper and find it hard to wake up sharp sharp. Omo, immediately I heard all that, my brain was 100% alert. I quickly stood up, grabbed my phone by my side and ran out of the room into another room where my friend's flatmate was with his girlfriend. (It's not my house as I recently just moved here and need a place to stay in the mean time). I knocked and it took him some seconds to open his door which felt like hours. He and his babe were obviously awake already as they were closer to the screams than we were.

It's past 2pm now and typing this, I'm still shaking and my heart is still beating. Meanwhile, my friend who woke me up was still in our room, imagine! I was so pissed, wondering why she was still there but I couldnt go back. Typing is even traumatising. I'm beginning to hyperventilate again, I think I should chill for a few mins and continue............................

Ok, I took a 30-minute break. I'll try and keep going. We finally all got into the room and we were a total of five people, four females and one male. I think the male presence helped. It didnt seem like it at the time but now I'm trying to imagine what it would have been like if he wasnt there.

The lady in the next flat kept screaming at the top of her lungs and freaking us all out. I started chanting "blood of Jesus". At some point, my lips could no longer move to make a coherent word. My friend (the male) kept trying to dial different numbers and they were all switched off. My friend (the female) eventually got through to her brother who doesnt even stay in Abuja. But he has a friend who stays in the estate and he called him and that one called the "security" at the main gate who called the police. Long thing.

At this point, me I just dey shake. I shook more than a leaf. I tried to pray but my lips just couldnt move. Na so cold start to catch me, I carry bedsheet cover myself, after a while, I added a thick duvet. With all that, I kept shivering.

My whole body was shaking from head to toe. Shaking violently and out of control. And then I remembered that my friend is asthmatic. I just silenty prayed she had her inhaler with her just incase she got an attack because at some point, she started coughing. It wasnt funny. The screaming lady was still screaming. It was a terrifying sound.

Then we heard a gun shot, and there was silence. Total silence. The screams had stopped and that was when we started thinking the worst had happened. Maybe the screaming lady had been silenced. Jesus! Na so all of us lie down for ground because we didnt know what was happenin nor where the shot came from.

I remember holding someone's hand and hers too was shaking like hell. My whole body was wobbly. I was suddenly feverish and nauseous, I thought I was gonna throw up and or just faint. I'm still feverish sef. Under this hot Abuja sun, I'm cold and my temperature is up. At this point, I had to open my mouth and take very deep breaths to calm my self. It worked a bit. I started singing "I will lift up my eyes to the hills from whence commeth my help". Small small, even while I was shakin, I started praying against the spirit of fear and that calmed me down a bit.

After what felt like ages, someone from the other flat confirmed that they had gone. We sha went outside and saw two policemen who had obviously scared them away with the gun shot. I cant even say everything. We went back inside the house and by this time, it was 4am. No way was I gonna go back to bed. We just stayed in the sitting room, talking till morning. I even went to the kitchen to scrub pots, just to take my mind off. My eyes were almost permanently darting to the window desperately wanting to get a glimpse of dawn or sunlight. At this point, I was sick. Fever, nausea, headache, stomach ache, I needed to shit. I didnt know fear could make someborri shit. I thought it was only piss. But I was so freaked out that I needed dawn to break to be able to go to the toilet.

Meanwhile, my friend's flatmate had had a dream the previous day or 2days ago about being robbed and I had also had a dream about him and his babe urging me into his room. These dreams happened the same day. I dont even wanna get into that one.

Morning finally came. I still couldnt sleep. I had had only two hours of sleep having slept really late. I started hyperventilating again, I couldnt breathe. I made myself a really really hot cup of ginger tea to jolt me back to life. After that, I tried to catch some sleep for about 30mins.

Somewhere in my sleep, I heard my friend making a call to her madam at work saying she couldnt go to work because she was psychologically unstable. Lol. This thing no be joke. Me I had even forgotten I had a phone, I didnt call nobody. The guy who alerted the cops came to see us and even put more fear in us. This morning, the police also picked up our gate man because he was a huge suspect. Infact, I cant type again, I don tire. Very traumatising experience. I no go sleep for that house this night. It is haunted.


  1. OMG...this must be a traumatizing experience...thank God that you all are safe. So sorry to hear about it.

    The one time we had that kind of experience has made me fear even knock-outs. And true, at that point you may not even be able to pray...

  2. Yeah, it was. Thank God oh! You're so right about knock-outs, and it's Xmas u can imagine!

    I'm much better now though! Thnx