Thursday, November 24, 2011

Lagos Slave vs Abuja Princess

Jesus! I finally get to post something! Seems like I've been haunted for the past one week by Internet devils. Firstly,I wasn't able to use my phone browser for reasons only Etisalat understands. And then, my office Internet went crazy, I'm convinced it requires some form of excorcism! And now my BIS has kuku expired, so has my Starcomms subscription. Despite my very many Internet sources, I have been rendered internetless :-(

Bitter sweet? Thank God for this iPad that I haff borrow to post this.

Now that I finally have reasonably reliable access, I have lost the urge to say anything....but I will force myself to talk. I cannot waste this RARE *internet opportunity*

On to the highlight of my week - I got a job offer. It was like magic. I hadn't even officially asked God for another job. All I did was say it offhandedly and vavavoom, it came to me. The job offers DOUBLE what I currently earn and comes with a "motor car". A normal human being may jump at the offer instantly. More money! 100% more money! Not me.

As tempting as more money sounds (with my rent 3 months away), I have to be logical about this matter.

Firstly, it's totally different from anything I do or have ever done. Totally different line of work. 2ndly and MAJORLY, it's in LAGOS! That mad place. Whilst my one year NYSC stint in Lagos wasn't so bad, I don't think I can do it again after experiencing the sweetness and serenity in Abuja.

And the stress of having to move. Again! Na me waka pass?

I just realized I'm still undecided about the matter. My job in Abuja is mad flexible. I don't have a strict 9-5 routine, I have time that only an entrepreneur can dream of having. My office is 3mins away from my house. It's almost like heaven....except errrr it gets boring...for a restless person like me. I like to get constantly challenged mentally. This job doesn't give me that. What it gives is a steady salary and time.

New job will give MORE money and enough challenges to drive me mad. But. It's Lagos...I will instantly become a SLAVE.

I love Abuja. But Lagos will give me money.

Sigh. For love or money????!!!