Monday, October 25, 2010

I Exercised Today, Yaaaayyyy!!

For the first time in yearsssss, I actually woke up by 5.30am this morning and went for a morning walk/run. I’ve been psyching myself for the past two years or so that I’ll start exercising….bla bla bla. Storyy!! Me wey like sleep like say tomorrow no dey. I didn’t even wake myself up per se. My friend’s flatmate did. When I heard him knock on my door and call out my name this morning, I thought to myself “this guy dey jones if he thinks I’ll stand up from this bed!”. As in, the sleep was soooo sweet, kai! I even think sleep is sweeter than sex. I was told that I hold that opinion because I haven’t had “any” in a whiiilllle (I have my chastity belt on in my process of re-virginisation, no be joke). Whether I have had any or not, I think sleep has got to be the sweetest thing, closely followed by chocolate cake, chai! All those people who put sex at the top of their list are what Warri people will call world people. I wish I knew what I know now about sex when I lost my virginity, I probably would have still been a virgin now! Anyway, it’s not too late, re-virginization does work, lol.
Anyway, as I was saying, I don’t know how I got myself to wake up and wear “canvass” and hit the road. But I was glad I did. We know God has made provision for healing for His children, but recently, I realized that God does not only heal through miracles. Yes, He performs signs and wonders every now and then. But at some other times, he has given us the tools we require for our healing in every aspect of our lives. Although, I’m referring to physical healing now. God has blessed us with so much to make us whole. I am increasingly beginning to realize the tremendous effects eating the right foods have on our bodies. A lot of us take what we eat for granted; and when we fall ill, cry to God to heal us. God has already made these amazing provisions for healing in the foods that he has so graciously provided us with.
Back when I was still a lekpa, I used to be a sucker for junk food! I could eat everything anytime and not feel any guilt or panic. If you looked up shawarma in the dictionary, you’d find a picture of me there eating shawarma! There was a time I ate it every single day. Those were my lekpa days sha. Now that my hips have become truthful and no longer lie, I didn’t need anyone to advise me to stop chopping anyhow. I admit, the initial reduction in my consumption of junk food stemmed from the fact that I didn’t wanna lose too much of my lekpa status and become an orobo. (I didn’t achieve that by the way, I am neither a lekpa nor an orobo. What does that make me? A Lek-Orob??) Lol. I have since realized that I can no longer be as lekpacious as before and I have made peace with that fact.
I have even gone off point from the point I was/am trying to make which is eating right!! At the rate this world is going, we find everything is now being pre-packaged and processed. Yes, it’s sweeter to go to Shop Rite and fill up your trolley with all sorts of processed foods but going to the market to buy fresh foods pays big time! Mehn these days, there is nothing they don’t package – from pounded yam to banga soup to anything you can think of! I’m pretty certain that our “fore-mothers” will be rolling with rage in their graves and wondering what happened to good ol’ pounding yam with mortar and pestle! What a lazy generation we are eh?
I think eating fruits is important. Everyone should eat a sensible portion of fruits every single day. Eating fresh vegetables is also very much advisable. For those of us who are coca-cola addicts, replace coke with orange juice or Nutri-C (if orange juice is too extreme for you). Replace sugar with honey. Replace groundnut oil with olive oil. Avoid fried foods. Avoid junk food like meatpies, burgers, donuts etc. We all have cravings for those things every now and then but consumption should be reduced to the barest minimum. I used to be a chocolate cake addict, still am sef! But these days I just run away from all temptation and appearances of evil! Thanks to a friend of mine, I now drink green tea instead of Sprite. And boy was I a spritaholic, kai! Green tea is high in anti-oxidants and according to what they say, it flushes yama yama from your body. Even rice sef, I try to run away from rice these days. Bassmatic rice is much better and has less starch in with and lower carbs. I try to run away from white bread as well and try to eat Wheat bread if I must have bread. Notice the multiple use of the word “try” oh! It simply means, I falter every now and then.  But @least, I’m much better than I used to be and I’m trusting God for complete healing as I go on, Amen!
And for the women, even the best skin care products can be gotten from natural plants and foods. Good examples are aloe vera, paw paw, honey, lime etc. U can grate carrots and use as a face mask! Thes natural foods work like magic on the skin. Lime and honey are simply greaaat!! Bcos these days ehn, all these chemicals wey dem dey put inside our lotions, cleansers, scrubs, toners and women tins, fear dey catch me to rub some of them!
And oh yeah, the reason I started this was because I exercised today (yaaaay!!). In addition to eating right, we should also try to complement that with regular exercising. I can’t say much about exercising because I am still a JJC in that regard. I pray for Grace to continue!!! It can only get better from here on..
But wait oh! See me talking about chastity, eating right and exercising. I really am beginning to feel old at my young age. But I like to console myself and call it “wisdom”. And I’m glad it’s coming now. I mean, what better time than now?!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

And Paula Died...

The saddest thing happened this morning. I woke up to find Paula dead. Don't be alarmed, Paula isn't a person. She is (or was) a parrot until her demise.

My friend had for some reason decided to buy two parrots some months ago. I dont know which is male or female or if they are even the same sex for that matter. But for my own private entertainment, I named them Paul and Paula.

Yesterday, we woke up to find their cage by the gate with the door open! How did the cage get to the gate from the door?? The aboki proceeded to explain that in the middle of the night, a black cat appeared and tried to eat the parrots!! Omg! I didnt even know that cats ate birds! That's just so gross. Anyway oh, the cat struggled and struggled to get them out of the cage but Paul and Paula just perched at the roof of the cage and clung to it for their lives.

Even though it was morning already with the cat long gone and the cage door still open, they jejelly remained up there. Freedom is overrated eh? I was impressed with their determination to live!! Only for us to wake up this morning to find Paula dead! She just lay lifeless in the cage, while Paul remained there. I wonder if he felt any grief or psychological torture just by seeing her lifeless body. This makes me wonder if animals feel grief.......

My friend's sister proceeded to tell us how in Yorubaland, they usually attach meanings to such things. According to her, if you own an animal and for some reason it dies, it is believed that it died in your place. That is, you (the owner of the animal) was originally marked for death but somehow, the animal's life was taken in your place! Are you kidding me?!! Jesus has already died in my place oh!

She told me about someone she knew who had a sick dog and believed that the sickness was originally meant for her but somhow somehow, the dog got sick instead. This isn't some woman in the village oh! We are talking about a sophisticaed, butty woman. Because she had the conviction that the dog was doing her some sort of "favour" (for lack of a better word), she took it upon herself to care for the dog like she would a sick child. Whenever her pastor makes calls for people who need healing in church, she goes out and "stands in the gap" for her dog. She used to pray for the dog and annoint it with annointing oil.

She even gave the dog Holy Communion. (this one na lie sha, I just added jara). But really, if she could annoint the dog, I figure she can give it the Communion too! By some stroke of fate, the dog survived the terrible illness and became whole again. Was it the treatment from the vet or did God really answer her prayer and heal her dog?

If God did, did He do it for the dog's sake or was it for her sake?

And here I am thinking, does God heal animals..???


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Welcome Me.....

Imagine. Someone already had I tried souldeep an it was taken too! I finally had to settle for Green Garri. Green Garri, I'm still wondering where that came from. Maybe it's because I enjoyed reading Purple Hibiscus. Or maybe it's because Blue Elephant is my favourite hangout in Port Harcourt. Or just maybe it's because the colour green represents Nigeria and Garri represents one of our main meals. Anyhow e be, Green Garri I did choose. Unfortunately, I cant say much. Have to close from work now and my "walking-down-the-stairs partner" is threatening to leave me behind. This isnt Lagos though, so I wonder why she dey rush. I hereby officially welcome myself to the world of blogging sha...

Till tomorrow....