Friday, October 7, 2011

My Landlord & I

Jesus oh! I cannot believe I have not written anything in the past three months! This is the highest height of laziness!

In related news, I just realised that it's been a year (give or take) now since I started blogging. This year really has gone by so fast for some crazy reason.

Nothing major has happened to me in the last three months..except oh! I finally joined the blackberry train (I was forced into it) courtesy of my office. Infact I blame BBM for my long absence from blogger. Evil thing :-)   :-(

So it's 6.30pm friday evening and I got so bored at home that I came back to the office. Who does that?

Ok, lemme not lie. It's not just boredom sha. But I cannot disclose the major reason *sticking tongue out*

Another reason I could not stay at home was because of my landlord. Hmm. Where do I begin?

In my desperation to get a house earlier this year, I sha just moved into the best available house I could find at that time. After moving in, I realised the place is a mini major commercial centre.

It's a two-storey building with a gazillion tenants living in it. No, I'm not exaggerating, I swear.  On the ground floor, there is one hair dressing salon (not bad for me and my lazy self), there is also a restaurant
(I do not eat there) AND there is a beer parlour! I do not drink beer!

When I wanted to get the house, it was afternoon all the times I went there so I didn't notice the "commerciality" of the place. Besides, even f I did, I'm not sure I would have minded considering how hard it is to get a house in Abuja and considering that it was right in the MIDDLE of town.

After moving in, my eyes opened to the reality of my situation. I made a few complaints and suggested that they at least put a (wooden) barricade between their beer place and the residential place. I feel assaulted every time I walk past on my way up to my house. They looked at me as if I was speaking chinese.

As it is with humans, nay, me, I somehow adapted to the madness. And my window is just by the drinking spot. But in the past one month, things have grown from bad to worstest. They have added a mini-bar to the beer parlour and now once it's 5pm, P-square comes on in the highest possible volume. And I think the music has also attracted more people and now the noise that comes in though my window is unbelievable.

The kind of people who come there are the ones who scream when supposedly conversing. And to make matters worse, there is no toilet built for this drinkers so they end up urinating on the wall outside the gate. The accumulated urine stench is unbelievable.

To make matters worse, my dad was in town for a couple of days this week and wanted to come see my house. The only time he was free was at night and I practically shooed him away just so he doesn't get all paranoid because of my environment. I made him come early in the morning instead, imagine!

The annoying part is that I paid A LOT OF MONEY for this "house". Even I still don't believe I coughed out that much for a house, talkless of this crap.

I just sha think it's very unfair. We are forced to pay so much money and yet treated like we have no say in our own house. And oh, the Landlord also lives in a flat downstairs. I keep complaining about the noise and I am told that I am not in Jand where they have noise control services.

Nigeria should pass a Noise Control Act or something. I sha know there is something called Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB). I am thinking of reporting my landlord to them oh..............I mean, it is only fair abi? But then, I hear it's this same AEPB that goes around Abuja arresting young women on false accusations of prostitution.

What if I go to their office and they lock me up for prostitution *bbm confused face*

I just checked google and there is even an agency in 9ja, It's called Agency For The Control Of Noise Pollution (ACNP). Sounds like a political parry, lol. And oh my God, I found an article about them and this is what their priority is:

I can't shout.

I feel like this post is gerring too long, sorry's the boredom. It's gerring dark.....lemme walk back home. A lonnnnng, dry, boring weekend awaits me. I just hope Nepa is kind enough not to make it worse! If not, I just might spend it in this office!