Wednesday, October 20, 2010

And Paula Died...

The saddest thing happened this morning. I woke up to find Paula dead. Don't be alarmed, Paula isn't a person. She is (or was) a parrot until her demise.

My friend had for some reason decided to buy two parrots some months ago. I dont know which is male or female or if they are even the same sex for that matter. But for my own private entertainment, I named them Paul and Paula.

Yesterday, we woke up to find their cage by the gate with the door open! How did the cage get to the gate from the door?? The aboki proceeded to explain that in the middle of the night, a black cat appeared and tried to eat the parrots!! Omg! I didnt even know that cats ate birds! That's just so gross. Anyway oh, the cat struggled and struggled to get them out of the cage but Paul and Paula just perched at the roof of the cage and clung to it for their lives.

Even though it was morning already with the cat long gone and the cage door still open, they jejelly remained up there. Freedom is overrated eh? I was impressed with their determination to live!! Only for us to wake up this morning to find Paula dead! She just lay lifeless in the cage, while Paul remained there. I wonder if he felt any grief or psychological torture just by seeing her lifeless body. This makes me wonder if animals feel grief.......

My friend's sister proceeded to tell us how in Yorubaland, they usually attach meanings to such things. According to her, if you own an animal and for some reason it dies, it is believed that it died in your place. That is, you (the owner of the animal) was originally marked for death but somehow, the animal's life was taken in your place! Are you kidding me?!! Jesus has already died in my place oh!

She told me about someone she knew who had a sick dog and believed that the sickness was originally meant for her but somhow somehow, the dog got sick instead. This isn't some woman in the village oh! We are talking about a sophisticaed, butty woman. Because she had the conviction that the dog was doing her some sort of "favour" (for lack of a better word), she took it upon herself to care for the dog like she would a sick child. Whenever her pastor makes calls for people who need healing in church, she goes out and "stands in the gap" for her dog. She used to pray for the dog and annoint it with annointing oil.

She even gave the dog Holy Communion. (this one na lie sha, I just added jara). But really, if she could annoint the dog, I figure she can give it the Communion too! By some stroke of fate, the dog survived the terrible illness and became whole again. Was it the treatment from the vet or did God really answer her prayer and heal her dog?

If God did, did He do it for the dog's sake or was it for her sake?

And here I am thinking, does God heal animals..???


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