Friday, November 19, 2010

I Dreamt Of Aliko Dangote..

Last night, I had a dream about Aliko Dangote..very strange since I don't know him nor am I his biggest fan. Although I admire him (from afar) for his business acumen...just like almost every other Nigerian.

Usually, I'm an olodo when it comes to dreams. I hardly every remember my dreams!

But this dream ehn! I remember it oh! It was sooo real! Here it goes:

I was at some function ( I think it was someone's baby dedication) and I got a call from a friend asking where I was. I told him I was at a baby dedication and he asked if he could come see me there and I said yes.

The next thing, the friend came and guess who it was? Aliko Dangote! In the dream, I wasnt surprised though, we hugged and chatted like old pallies. And then he went on to introduce himself to some girl who was with me (dont remember who she was). And he went "Hi, I'm Aliko (pause) Dangote" And the mumu girl just stood there shell shocked.

After a while, he decided he had to leave and aske me to walk him outside to his car which I did. When we got to the car we hugged goodbye and the ff conversation ensued:

Aliks: "You hardly ever call me, please try and keep in touch".
Me: Yeah, yeah, I know. I'll try. Byeee

When I got back in, everybody was hailing me and shouting "gbo gbo bigz girls"

Lol. For my mind oh! And that was it! That's how I woke up with a smile on my face oh



  1. my explanation of this dream: you will meet with someone who you least expect to be influential and rich and yet not know who he really is.\\\\\\\\\\\\He will only reveal himself to you, if you treat him right just knowing him as a friend without any influence or power.Once he is convinced you are a deep and truly honest soul he will reveal himself to you. if you watched coming to america, your dream can be better explained by that movie. Finally note that the man in your dream, when the dream comes to life might not be Aliko as u saw in your dream, but trust me this young man will be Nigeria's Dangote in another 10 to 15 year,so if you must be Mrs Dangote in the next 15 year. Don't judge the book(man) by their cover(status,car,looks,money, material wealth,etc) he who has an ear let him hear. From Joseph the Christian dream explainer

  2. Ah...this is a very deep interpretation....quite possible too! Thanks!

  3. My friend you are very welcome. I have spent time reading through your blog and i must say indeed you are a deep soul, I love how you reflect on things and on life, I may not see you or have never know you, but i cant almost tell who you are, I am a happily married man so please take what am about to say for what its worth, and NEVER see it as a line to toast or impress, OK. From your wittings I can tell you are a very good looking woman, most likely taller than most women your age, you are not up to 25 years, and your are quite an open person and easily trusted, however your are very cautious when it comes to your matters of the heart, meaning you are soft on the inside but show a very hard exterior. You find it easily to get along with men , but will never let a man force you to do what you dont want to do, you are also a forward thinking person planning ahead and always looking towards building a happy future. Finally on the flip side you sound a bit expensive, you would rather spend , then save if saving means you must have to go through serious financial stress for a while,you are a lovevvy dovvy person, but need loads of patience and willingness to take chances in order to move into a lasting and possible blissful relationship. I am not a physic or mystic and a deepsoul myself, just relating to another. him hear. From Joseph the personality explainer.

  4. Oh anonymous person cannot know me this well just by reading my blog...oya confess!! :-D

    The only thing abt ur analysis I disagree with is me being expensive. I am just about one of the cheapest people on earth. I am very very very prudent with money. I splurge once in a while on shoes or some feminine things but then....thats once in a while.....I hardly even touch my salary. That's how prudent I am...

  5. There's nothing to confess , I dont know you and you dont know me either , so dont worry your head your about who this is. Just enjoy the online mystery, and if i may add, you didnt show anything on your blog that really identify your person meaning even you too enjoy being undercover,so even if i knew you how can i be sure its really you? abi i nor correct. Anyway on a lighter note HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEEP SOUL , as you celebrate your 24th ..MEN!( you young sha, AS you celebrate my prayer for you is that you will always radiate joy all around you and find favor in the eyes of God. I wish all the best of the very best..