Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Things Change..

Was feeling a bit emotionally weak a couple of days ago. It came in little bits and pieces. I'm a happy person. And even though I can't altogether escape sadness forever, it's inevitable every now and then but I don't know how to remain sad for long.

But these bit and pieces sometimes get hard. And painful. And seemingly long.

Yesterday, my friend wrote something for me. I read it and I smiled. The kinda smile that comes from the heart and reaches the eyes. I needed to hear/read those words. I had a serious "Awww Moment". I read it and re-read it and it offered some level of comfort.

I thought I'd share, just incase there's any1 going thru any difficult situation(s). And I'm also "re-sharing" it for the person who wrote it.

This is from me back to you....

Things Change

Tears may come now, but you will smile again,
Pain will go away, wounds will heal again,
Scars may remain, but they can shape and mold you,
So don't try to hide who you are,
But then know who you will be.

The world is round true, but it turns, constantly,
Down you may be today, stars you will face tomorrow.
Seasons come and go but things never remain the same,
A season may bring pain this year, but then;
The same season, could bring joy on the next.

Treasure the times, treasure the moments,
They fly by, past and gone forever.
When it seems you can't hold it in,
Let it out slowly, don't hold it in,
Let it go surely and then move on.

Life is a journey, a life-long one,
Whether it be comfortable or uncomfortable,
Know this, it can get easier if u move on,
So, smile through the tears,
Laugh through the pain,
Find the little slices of joy,
So you can be as right as rain.
Hold the joy in and find warmth,
Laugh through the pain and know peace,
Know and remember all through this;
Things never ever stay the same.

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