Friday, January 21, 2011

Thanking God..

Why do some people just feel like they are the only ones with problems in this life sef..?

Yesterday, I was feeling a little down and out (as is becoming alarmingly regular these days!) and I think I fell asleep chatting on yahoo messenger or reading a book or both. Dont quite remember.

The next time I was awake, it was to the sound of a loud thud and somebody shouting "Yeeeee!". I did not need to think and wonder what might be going on or where the sound might be coming from, or whatever else. I jumped and ran into my friend's room. The house was in pitch darkness.

And I said "something is going on" because at this point, I wasnt entirely sure what it was. Next thing I knew, I was on the floor head down by the side of the bed. Two extra people fell on me. My neck was in the most awkward position and I was pretty certain it was gonna break.

I was torn between destroying my neck and having the armed robbers deal with me for making noise. I chose the former.

Just a little over a month after we were attacked, these criminals struck again last night. Obviously better prepared this time. For some odd reason, I wasn't as scared as I'd have expected myself to be. In my mind, they were in already. It couldn't get much worse than this. Except they decide to shoot someone.

After what seemed like an eternity of threatening to shoot if we look, threatening to shoot if we dont bring the money, threatening to shoot for putting all the money in the bank and all the other threats, they finally left.

And then my shaking began. And cold. And fever. And excessive pissing.

And oh by the way, the Nigerian Police is absolutely useless. Let's not even go there.

After a couple of hours, I gathered courage to enter my room. My phones were gone, expectedly. My laptop was gone, expectedly. My babies. Those were my babies. They were there for me when no1 else ever was. Sadly, my laptop wasn't backed up.  Lesson One: Procrastination leads you nowhere. If you wanna do something, do it NOW. Backing up my laptop has been on my to-do list in forever.

Anyways, here I was thinking about the loss of all my personal documents, office documents and all my phone numbers, my one billion songs, one million pictures etc etc. Thank God I'm alive. Thank God we all are still alive. Thank God we didn't have to rush anybody to the hospital.

I have heard of cases of robberies that didn't last 3 minutes yet people didn't survive it. I have heard of a robbery where a pregnant woman was shot in her tummy for no apparent reason. I have heard of a robbery where a man was hit so hard with a gun that his eyeball fell out. Thank God we're alive. There's no logical explanation except for God's mercies. Thank God for making us invisible to them. Thank God for being our shield when we needed Him most.

If I was an oyibo woman, I for don dey do therapy by now. But for 9ja, we don't do shrinks. People never chop 3-square meals finish na shrink we go dey pursue?

As it got dark today, I began to feel uneasy. I need therapy. But the only therapy I have access to is Baba God. He alone will soothe my fears away. He alone can calm the raging storms. He alone giveth peace that defies all understanding.

Like the song they sang in church on tuesday:

You are God
All by Yourself
You alone
And no1 else
You are God all by Yourself
You are holy...

It's comforting to know that God doesn't require any1's help to be God. He is God all by Himself. It's comforting to know that he doesn't need to make any consultations before He shows Himself strong in our lives. He doesn't need any1's approval. Isn't that just awesome! All I have to do is remember this, and everything is ok....

Every new day from God is a blessing. It is a privilege. Don't ever take that for granted...

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