Monday, December 31, 2012

On 2012

The last time I posted anything was 10 months ago and I could not possibly have let 2012 end without saying something. Anything!

This year has gone by incredibly fast, as most years do. I'm still waiting for a year I can say took its time.

This time last year, I prayed to atleast manage to find a real boyfriend. Strangely, that prayer wasn't exactly answered. I was given a husband instead. As I type sef, I still haven't gotten used to the fact that I'm now somebody's wife and mother-to-be.

A lot of times when I have to fill in my name, I still use my maiden name....I wonder how long these things usually take. For me, being married does not make me feel any much different. I am still very much my regular self. I even forget to wear my ring sometimes :D

Things that have changed:

1) I live in a much nicer house with a real kitchen and wi-fi (yay! :D)
2) I now eat like an uber glutton (I'd like that blame that on the pregnancy hormones....oh God I hope I go back to being normal after I have my baby)
3) I no longer answer phone calls like I'm a customer service agent (all the toasters have disappeared..power of marriage, huh!)
4) I now cook regularly......gone are the days of indomie and quaker oats diets. *sigh* I now cook foods that involve pounding cocoyam in a mortar with a pestle. Me???????!!!!!

Between untraditional me and my traditional Igbo boo, I guess we both had to find a balance!

I really don't remember much that happened this year......most of it has just been a blur...I'm blaming the hormones again.....the only things I remember are this baby who kicks the shit out of me every minute and  getting married to a very unusual and great man whom I had known all along but had "friend-zoned" because well, I just felt we couldn't be anything other than friends.

I shudder to think I almost missed him standing right in front of my small nose! I guess i"ll have to dedicate a full post to him :)

I Have a feeling I'm not being very comprehensible right's the hormones..

Seriously though, I'm one of those lucky people who have zero pregnancy issues (minus gluttony) and for that, I am grateful.

I am grateful for so much. I married my friend. I made more money this year than I ever have in my life. I've been healthy, so have my family. I've been blessed with great in-laws. I was blessed by so many people this year, I can't even count. It was also a challenging year in a lot of regards but His blessings far outweigh whatever challenges there might have been.

"Sometimes, the only blessing you need to count is your heart beat"

So it doesn't matter what you gained or lost this year, being alive is ENOUGH to thank God :)

As we go into 2013, I'm praying I'll cultivate a deep relationship with God. I'm praying for Nigeria and honestly in my heart yearn for it to be a better country.

God bless us all :)

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  1. Thank God for your life!
    I enjoyed reading this.