Monday, May 9, 2011


I have a crush on somborri....


As old as I am......crushing like I'm in secondary school...

Maybe it's a little more than a crush...but then, I choose to call it a crush..bcos that's what it should be...

But this crush is getting crushier....bcos we kissed.....I had hoped the kiss would be terrible so the crush will die a natural death...

But gaddemit, it was sooooooog goood! Why!

Now, I'm sitting here at werk and I'm thinking of him......gadddemit!!

And smiling too, gaddemit!!


  1. Girls don't kiss and tell....but i will say this if you love the guy, then make it work and stop kissing him you hear. By the way which kind kiss una kiss, was there a lot of touching or was it just a peck on the cheek or na French abge blog us the full gist ohh

  2. Well, that automatically means I'm not a girl. Love the guy ke?? Love is a looonggg thing....a very far thing from a crush.

    As per the kain kiss wey we kiss, na Nigerian kiss. Oya go research on that :-)

  3. Nigerian Kiss? Mennnnnnnnnnnn thats nasty, yuck! the guy must have almost swallowed you na, or abi na you one swallow the guy.... Nigerians no get kiss, anyway sha i happy say na Nigerian kiss, cause if tosay the kiss, pass so i for vex and if i vex..hmmmmmm.