Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Do Mad Men Dream?

I was walking on the road the other day and I saw a mad man fast asleep on  a Nepa pole. Well, not the pole itself but "the thing" that keeps the pole in place.

Anyways, a thought suddenly struck me and I wonder(ed) if mad men have dreams. What do they dream about? Do they have nightmares? In their dreams, are they sane or still insane?

When they wake up, do they remember these dreams?

It's very possible that mad men have dreams. They might even have a dream where the cure for cancer is discovered. Who knows? A mad man may have the answers to the world's biggest problems. But I guess we'll never know...

So, I decided to turn to the world's biggest ITK (I-too-know) that always has answers to even the silliest questions.


Trust google, while trying to find answers to a silly question, a million other silly related questions will pop up. I saw questions like: Do blind people have dreams? Do dogs have dreams? Apparently, there are plenty crase people in this world.

So I asked google if lunatics have dreams and I couldn't/have not been able to get a definite answer. Google don fall my hand. I guess I might just have to ask a psychiatrist. Or ask a mad man :-D

Or just wonder forever.

By the way, a big yaaaaayyy to one of the major highlights of this month - Manchester United winning the Premiership Title for the 19th time. Yaaaay! The smile on Uncle Alex's face is just priceless....

Looking forward to this Saturday with Barcelona when we'll hopefully win the Champions' League.

If When that happens, I just might tear dress and enter road :-D

And to my song of the week. It's by Brandi Carlile and is titled "Hiding My Heart Away".

Very apt.


  1. yaayyyy to man utd. i'm such a fan, and i have a dream... a dream that one day i'll walk hand in hand with sir fergs after a training session with the boys. so i guess i'm not mad after all since i dream:)

    but really, i think mad people dream, and i think they dream in sanity, more like normal people do, and then wake up forgetting or remembering but frustrated cos they can't be that. who knows? when you have to courage to interview one, please let us know.

  2. LOL, what even made u think bout whether mad people dream? :p ..I dnt even think mad people know they are ma sef.

  3. @F Queen:
    I also have a dream that one day, Uncle Fergs will have dinner at my house...but I don't dream so what does that make me? :-D

    I don't know...maybe I have little traces of small small kolo....