Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Free Popcorn + Sprite

So the other day, I went to Silverbird to see a movie (No Strings Attached with Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman). Coincidentally, it was free popcorn day. As part of some business strategy, Silverbird gives out a free pack of popcorn + one bottle of coke once every week in all Silverbird Cinemas nationwide. I can't argue with their strategy. I mean, I'm not a sucker for popcorn (free or otherwise) so I wouldn't wear dress and waka to Silverbird to watch film because of free popcorn.But loads of people will and do, apparently!

Anyways, on to my main gist. I was a few minutes late for my movie so I decided I couldn't wait in line line for the free popcorn and would get mine after the movie.

So, after the movie, I went to the popcorn stand with my free voucher and I was duly given my popcorn. Time to get my bottle of Sprite (which I was more interested in!) and the dude gave me a HOT bottle of Sprite. I could have sworn it was fresh from the oven! It was smouldering, I almost burnt my fingers!

I politely drew the "drink-giver's" attention to the fact that my drink was hot. And he told me that was the only available option. That would have been almost fine except errr, I could see a fridge FULL of cold drinks. I once again nicely pointed out the cold drinks to him. And he UNBELIEVABLY told me the cold ones were for sale!!!

Unbelievable! I was so outraged, I had acute difficulty expressing my rage.So because my drink is free, the management of Silverbird cannot be bothered to get it refrigerated? Did I beg to be given free Sprite?

Or maybe their strategy is to piss people off wit the free hot drinks so that they eventually don't have to give out too many free drinks. I decided not to give them that satisfaction and with the strongest face I could come up with, I took my hot Sprite to my house and put it in the fridge, hissing all the way like a pepper seller.

What rubbish.


  1. LoL! I plan to go see Tango with me whenever there's free coke & popcorn. But i dont have to 'waka' much sha, my office is right around d corner!!!

  2. Ok well, you're excused just bcos it's within a trekking distance! Let's hope they give you a cold bottle of coke sha!